Awangsa Bina Sdn Bhd, incorporated in the year 1993 started from humble beginnings of small to medium sized construction trade works. Over the years, we continually enhance our quality of work through hard work and experience.

From 2004 onwards, we ventured into Main Builder’s Work through the awarding of main contracts for various construction works by our esteemed clients. At the mean time, we pursued in the implementation of Quality Management System, ISO 9001:2000 that was successfully attained in 2007. We also subject ourselves to stringent Construction Quality Assessment (CONQUAS) to achieve high quality in deliverables – a commitment shared by everyone in Awangsa.

By upholding our core values over the years, we have broadened our management focusinto a green business model for the sustainability of the built environment and consistently
maintaining the health and safety of our business operations.

In year 2010, the journey of implementation began with ISO 14001:2004 for Environment Management System; OHSAS 18001:2007 and MS 1722 Part 1:2005 for Occupational
Safety and Health Management System. We achieved the accreditation in Year 2011. Now, the integrated management system, QESH (Quality, Environmental,Safety & Health) Management System is in place to propel Awangsa to greater heights.

Here at Awangsa, the skills and proactivity of our people have enabled us to adopt a ‘Culture of Excellence’ as our guiding modus operandi – from the implementation of QESH Management Systems to the investment of efficient and effective technologies. In the wake of our expansion programme to diversify into the undertaking of bigger and more challenging endeavours, we wholeheartedly welcome prospective clients and business associates who are interested in a mutually profitable and sustainable relationship.